TREASURER: Mrs M Marsden


Mrs K Brown, Mrs J Favill, Mrs T Westwood, Mr P Draper, Dr B E Hill, Mr S Kettleborough,

Mr S Brown, Mr R Lamonby, Mr P Sewards, Mr S Walker, Mr D Westwood, Mr R Woodward

EDITOR: Mr P Sewards

For our first copy of the Club magazine, REVIEW, printed in 1984, one of our founder members, Raymond Oppenheimer CBE sent his best wishes and a forward:-

"As the oldest fancier associated with the Notts and Derby District Bull Terrier Club I have been paid the compliment of being invited to write a few introductory words for its new REVIEW.The club was formed in 1942 by a group of us, some who lived in the district and one or two who, like me, were stationed in the area, in my case in the R.A.F. We had many happy small shows, meetings and get togethers. After the end of the war it was not possible immediately to organise general championship shows, so the Kennel Club allowed a few specialist breed clubs to hold championship shows of their own. As a result of this arrangement, on Oct 19th 1946 Notts and Derby held its first championship show which was judged by Count Vivian Hollender, and the first two post-war champions were made: Ch Ormandy's Dancing Time and Ch. Romany Reliance. This was only the fourth championship show for the breed after the war, and as each animal had missed one of the previous shows it meant that they had both gone straight through to their titles. The Club held a second championship show the following year, but then sadly, the general championship shows took over from all but the Bull Terrier Club. Later, a few provincial clubs were allowed to hold championship shows, and I am delighted that Notts and Derby are to join this select band next year."

                                                                               Raymond Oppenheimer


From the early fifties, hard times and small numbers of show dogs resulted in a merger with local Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Miniature Bull Terrier clubs. The expanded Notts & Derby gradually grew and in 1974 the breeds split again into separate clubs. Since then the Club has grown steadily, it is financially sound, and after a very slender start now has a membership around two hundred. These developments are a tribute to a very hard working committee.The REVIEW was started in 1984 and has been a popular annual production. It is a 'glossy' magazine noted for its consistent quality of content. It features photographs of the dogs which have won at Club shows during the previous year, a show calendar, serious articles on health welfare and breeding, humorous anecdotes and advertisements from a number of kennels. Three shows are held each year. In April there is the Limited Members Show at which new judges are invited to judge. This Show also includes the competition for the Club's Annual Trophies. Like the other main Bull Terrier Clubs, the Club has a championship show every other year. This is held in December, the alternate years being an open show. In 2010 all of the Club shows are held at Sandiacre Friesland Sports Centre. Each show features a sales table selling a variety of Bull Terrier items such as books and models. Membership of the Club requires the completion of an application form, being proposed by an existing Member and accepted by the Committee. Members receive the annual REVIEW free, and since this costs as much to print as the annual membership subscription, it must be a bargain.

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